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Largest Successful RAID Data Recovery:
RAID-6 14 HDDs

Most Viruses Removed: 100960
Most Mal-ware Removed: 566354
Most Temp Files Deleted: 257 GB
Most Registry Errors Fixed: 110275
Most Air Cans for dust removal: 5

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Hitachi SAS HDD came in for recovery. Drive has a bad PCB. Swapped the PCB and we recovered 100% of the data.

Successful Data Recovery with HDD motor replacement.

We received WD 3TB with PCB number 2060-800041-000 REUP1. After head and board swap we were able to recover 100% of the data

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Testimonials  We have 90 testimonials.

  • Elizabeth Castrovinci Sowinski (Facebook)

    Last week I dropped my external hard drive. I was devastated as my whole life was on that drive and that was my only copy. I went to a local computer repair company and they weren't able to retrieve my data.. they recommended I go to PC Warehouse in Freehold. I was desperate. So, I went, praying they could work some magic. Thank you PC Warehouse!! You were able to recover ALL my photos and data! I also brought in my laptop and now I have all the space I need and it's running like a dream. This is the only place I will ever go to when I need computer help.

  • Kelly D. (Yelp)

    After I dropped my external hard drive, I was devastated that I had lost and not backed up my daughter's baby pictures. Thankfully, PC Warehouse was able to recover all my pictures on my hard drive- lesson learned, make 2 copies of all important data, and call this place if you have any issues!

  • Ali N. (Yelp)

    300% worth the money. i would send anyone who has lost data to PC Warehouse. Not only did they recover all of my data, but they were incredibly quick. they were also understanding to the fact that i needed a little time to raise funds to pay for the recovered drive. Great people and an even better end product.

  • Pammy Schoen (Google)

    I can not even put into words how amazing this place is. From the moment I walked in the door Chris was reassuring, kind, and knowledgeable. My issue has to do with the backing up of my iphone. I backed it up on an old laptop that had virtually no disc space to begin with. So as a result of having no disk space the iphone data recovery would not take place, and I had already wiped my iphone clean. This laptop was the ONLY place where I backed up all my iphone data. For a small additional fee Chris immediately started working on putting a brand new, larger, more modern hard drive in my computer. In less than an hour, I came back with my fingers crossed that my itunes back up would restore on my iphone....AND IT DID! I went to the Apple store, the Microsoft store, and Chris was the only person able to fix my extremely stressful situation, and taught me new things in the process. I would highly recommend PC Warehouse Data Recovery and Chris to anyone who needs any technology repair or data retrieval ....they know exactly what they're doing!

  • Mark Surks (Google)

    My hard drive had bad sectors. A friend directed me to these folks and they replaced my hard drive with a solid state hard drive and were able to recover all of my date. What a relief. Prices were extremely reasonable and the folks there were very cordial. I will never go anywhere else. I am thrilled to have found these folks.

  • Joe D. (Yelp)

    Outstanding knowledge and service. Recovered all of my data from a flashdrive within a few days.

  • Frank (Google)

    Jim and Yvonne were very helpful. I had my data back the day after I sent them my drive. Their prices were much better than many other data recovery companies and Jim gave me a reasonable explanation of what they had to do to recover the data and also counseled me on the size of external hard drives to stick with in the future.

  • Larry Dane (Google)

    They got ALL my data back in less than 24hrs!!! The staff was amazing and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone. Honest, Reliable and Incredible..

  • william t (Google)

    I visited PC Warehouse over 12 years ago looking into data recovery. At that time they were polite and friendly. They answer my questions about the data recovery. Now, Apr 2, 2017, I had a hard disk failure. It would not start and I did not feel any vibration on the disk. So I brought it to them and they were able to retrieve the data off the bad disk. They were polite and helpful today as they were over 12 years ago. Thank you PC Warehouse

  • xin chen (Google)

    Best data recovery service ever! I went to Best Buy for my computer and was told that they couldn't help me. So Best Buy Geek Squad recommended this store to me. They provide professional and prompt service to meet my needs!

  • Barry Lydon (Facebook)

    Wow. Wish there were more stars to give. We brought a damaged external hard drive to PC Warehouse. Files, music & years of pictures were on the drive and we couldn't access any of it. PC Warehouse was able to disassemble the drive and recover the data to a new drive. All for a reasonable price. Thank you!

  • Dan Aquilino (Facebook)

    5 stars is definitely not enough! I drove over 85 miles to come here, via a recommendation from another business that was closer to my house, and they were able to help me repair and extract files from my damaged flash drive. I wish there was a location closer to my house - I will definitely recommend!!! Thank you!!!

  • Jackie R. (Yahoo)

    Great service! I was freaking out when my USB drive broke and was worried about all the files on it. Geek Squad couldn't help and pointed me in the direction of PC Warehouse. They were able to recover all the files on the drive! Fair pricing and great service!

  • James D. (Yahoo)

    Excellent service. Geek Squad was unable to recover data. PC Warehouse did it on time and for a great price, and they recovered every piece of data. Highly recommended.

  • Mendy L. (Yelp)

    Very helpful, patient and excellent! I needed to recover data for my pc asap. And I couldn't believe that they provide fast service now. All the staffs are nice, friendly and professional. I had a great experience here and I am very satisfied with the work they have done for me. I will definitely come back and recommend it to everybody I know. Keep up the great job!

  • Steven C (Google)

    My son's external hard drive was not working. It happened on Saturday night. I tried all night to fix it but not unsuccessfully. We were terrified if the data in HD was lost or not retrievable. I searched in Google to find the nearest PC store in our neighborhood in Ocean Township but no store opens on Sunday except for the Best Buy store. I read the reviews in Google. Best Buy did not get a good review. Luckily I found PC Warehouse in Freehold. They opens on Sunday and they got good reviews. We used to have a PC warehouse in Eatontown but it was not in business. I had good experiences with the store before. I took the HD to the store once they open. The store owner and her wife are extremely friendly and helpful. Because my son's school project was in the HD and he needs it for his class the next 2 days, they were very nice to promise to look at the HD to see if they retrieve the data from the HD right away. Yvonne called me a few hours later and let me know the HD is dead but they can retrieve the data for us. The price they quote me was very reasonable and they promise to give me the HD within reasonable time. To me, they are my son's life saver and mine too. They suggested that the data be put in two HD so that one dies the other one will be in tact. I think it was a good suggestion and accepted their offer. When I returned the store to get my new HDs. they were very patiently to explain what happened and advised me how to protect the HD and how to use HD properly. It is beyond the services. They really care about the customers. I am a CPA and have experiences many IT professionals. PC Warehouse at Freehold is one of the best. I strongly recommend to anyone who has the same problem like mine. They really give me a peace of mind that is priceless. Words cannot say enough how much I appreciate their helps. Many thanks cannot be enough so I write this review to recommend the store.

  • Z3RO THE COMET (Google)

    Yvonne and her team have worked on countless pieces of equipment for my family and James is incredible. He saved ALL of my content from my recently crashed Hard Drive and the price was vey reasonable! Im grateful for their service and appreciative of the way they treated me and handled my situation! I wish them much success in their future and would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing tech complications! THANK YOU YVONNE! THANK YOU JAMES!

  • Rebecca Graham (Google)

    I was desperate to get photos and videos off my old PC of my kids as babies so I went to Geek Squad. They told me my HD was corrupted and they could not pull anything off, charged me $30 and had the nerve to ask if I wanted them to recycle my tower!!! I said "no, I'm taking it somewhere else!" So I went to PC Warehouse and dropped it off. They called me the next day to let me know they would be able to recover my data. I got it home and true to their word, everything was on there. Thank you PC Warehouse for saving my family memories. I highly recommend going here before anywhere else and don't even bother considering Geek Squad because they are small minded and clueless.

  • Andrea Meade (Google)

    We attended James' 4-day data recovery training for Data Compass and HD Doctor Suite. Very informative and helpful! James is a wonderful instructor and he knows his stuff! Thank you to both James and Yvonne for hosting us for the week!

  • Nicole Dane (Yahoo)

    They got ALL my data back in less than 24hrs!!! The staff was amazing and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone. Honest, Reliable and Incredible..

  • Jeff Stein (Yahoo)

    PC warehouse got our data back! Just like they said they would. We thought we lost everything for good on our Seagate NAS RAID system. Thank you!

  • J. ESCANTE (Google)

    One word : INCREADIBLE!! Everything about what they do was top of the line. I am a graphic designer and my external hard drive had crashed. After calling over 30 places for data recovery, PC Warehouse of Freehold were the only ones that made me feel comfortable and gave me a sense of hope that my valuable work could be saved. One of the best aspects of their work ethic was having patience with me. I was overwhelmed and stressed out with the possibility of losing years of hard work. So that lead to me calling a lot and that was something that their customer service was more than capable of handling. Within less than a week they were able to recover more than 95% of my work, without having to use a clean room. In the times we live in today, many businesses would rather up sell you and charge you more. PC warehouse went the extra mile of asking me to look and see if the data recovered was sufficient. In doing i saved over hundreds of dollars. To top it all off they stayed opened an extra 30 minutes so I could have my data the same day. Beyond satisfied and pleased. I recommend PC Warehouse to anyone in need of any type of computer help!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Rich DiPersio (Google)

    Five stars don't seem to be enough: great service, fair price, successful results and particularly taking the time for personal instruction. I went in w/ a problem, left w/ the lost data from a bad section in a hard drive that froze. My thanks and compliments to James, owner & head tech of the PC Warehouse.

  • Brian Tang (Google)

    As a filmmaker, I had backed up all my footage to an external hard drive of 2 TB. Stupidly I had not backed up many of my most recent projects/footage. After the hard drive became unreadable to my computer, I paniced. thankfully my cousin recommended PC warehouse to me. I soon learned about James and his famed skill in data recovery. Right from when I came in to drop off my hard drive, They were very quick and accommodating. With the number I was given, I called a day later to ask how it was going and they told me that my hard drive had indeed suffered a very major mechanical failure. I also mentioned that I was leaving in a few days to China and prefered to bring the recovered information with me however I told them it wasn't absolutely necessary. The next two days was memorial day weekend and PC warehouse was to be closed however, they went in anyways to finish up on my hard drive transfer to give it to me before I left on my trip. James recovered 100% of my data from my hard drive not to mention working with my tight schedule. Can't thank them enough.

  • Jon Brisbane (Google)

    I sent in a drive that was told to me by Best Buy that is was unrecoverable. And they wanted $3200 to even try. I sent my drive to PC Warehouse and they did everything they could to get my data back. They found a drive to where the data could be saved to and then they pulled the platters and put them into a working drive. They saved all of my data. Most of which was pictures from my tours in Iraq. The service was top notch and the price is amazing. I highly recommend using this place for all of your computer needs. Thank you!

  • Angela Mezzacappa (Google)

    I run a hotel and our computers crashed. The hard drive was basically fried. I am a recurring customer at PC Warehouse but never had a problem as severe as this current one. I brought the hard drive in and explained the mess I was in. The focus was on how important and upsetting my problem was to me. Taking all of this into consideration, within 24hrs all my data is back and ready to be loaded on the new computers. I cannot express the gratitude and relief I feel. You have a computer problem, no matter how small or how large, bring it here, they are exact, and their prices are more than fair. Angela Mezzacappa

  • Juan Ricardo Palacio E (Google)

    I had the great experience to meet James and his family. These people took me for 4 days offering me their friendship and the best professional training in data recovery. Actually how to explain all the issues is completely awesome. These days my progress in my knowledge of data recovery was completely obvious and happy return to Colombia and also with the best equipment and training that can be in the world. I remain highly grateful and highly recommend this great person and the best data recovery coach. For rates and equipment prices are what I can say that I found more economical than find out after a while. Thank you.

  • margaret C Laureys (Google)

    This man is a genius! He exceeded all of my expectations. ONE: He is brilliant at data recovery. He's so good, that I now understand why he's classified as a "Forensic" restorer and why private detectives and law enforcement use him. TWO: His turn around time was so fast that I had to knock wood to be sure I wasn’t in a dream. THREE: His prices are supremely reasonable. I did comparison shopping and you won’t find better. FOUR: He is amazingly polite. Just a genuinely nice guy who seems to take real pride in his work. Lastly, I need to say that my job was vastly difficult. I had overwritten an entire novel. “Overwritten” is different than “deletion.” It’s the worst thing that can happen. I called dozens of Data Recovery Companies and they all said it was “gone forever.” One of the biggest companies in NJ told me to not even bother bringing it in for a diagnosis because "overwriting was impossible to recover." Only James of PC Warehouse gave me hope. And boy, did he deliver! In fact, if you are on this page right now, don’t bother looking any further – because you have found your guy.

  • Karen Bellitto (Google)

    Yvonne and her staff at PC Warehouse were able to recover precious pictures and video from a crashed external hard-drive. Thanks to them my memories are safely on a new hard-drive and backed up elsewhere. Very professional and very patient with a device that gave them a lot of trouble! Would go back with any computer problems in a second!

  • Melissa Prusher (Google)

    I have used PC Warehouse several times over the years. They offer affordable and expert data recovery from a courteous and professional team. I had a hard drive failure and six hours later I had my computer running and all my data restored. They are fast, good, and reasonably priced. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my machine and highly recommend them.

  • Michael Shernicoff (Google)

    I was in an emergency situation because my son severely damaged his flash drive and was not able to access schoolwork due this week. The staff at PC Warehouse was able to retrieve all the data stored on my son's damaged drive in less than 8 hours. They placed all his school work as well as school applications and photos on a new device. Without PC Warehouse, the work school work would have to be redone and all previous work and digital memories would have been lost forever.

  • Ho Li (Google)

    I have hard drive problem, my company computer people formatted my hard drive, but still couldnot find the data. I saw this data recovery store, just thought the last resort. This store is very professional, they used special tools to finally find my data, and charged me reasonablly. I am very satisfied with the service and the technology they used. James Gao is very professional expert, and very nice to the customers. I would recommnd my friends to go this store for any computer problems. Regards

  • Jints Bigblue (Google)

    A huge Thank You to James Gao at PC Warehouse of Freehold NJ. Not only is he a PC expert, he was able to recover all my videos from my Sony Handy cam that my 3 year old son deleted. James gave me and my family (30gigs) of our memories back! I thank you now, my son and daughter will thank you later ; )

  • A Google User (Google)

    Expert data recovery; friendly, fast, good, and reasonably priced professional team. Thanks PC Warehouse for saving my very importend data. Highly recommended!!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    My external HD with files dating back to 2005 suddenly crapped out on me. I was devastated and was referred to PC Warehouse for help. Thank goodness I went because they recovered almost all of the files and did it for a very reasonable price. They kept in touch with me every step of the way and even sat down with me to see exactly which files were most crucial so that they could do their best to recover them. I left yesterday with the recovered files on a brand new (reasonably priced) new external HD and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend PC Warehouse and applaud their service! THANK YOU!

  • A Google User (Google)

    My external hard drive containing every family photo I have ever taken, along with other very important data files, crashed. I took the hard drive to the Geeks at Best Buy, but they couldn't recover the data. I was heartbroken because of the loss of such important family photos. I took the hard drive to PC Warehouse, not expecting them to be able to help, but they were able to recover everything! I highly recommend them for your data recovery problems, and the staff was very friendly too!

  • A Google User (Google)

    The course was an amazing and interesting experience. It covered al my expectations. It was a high level training because the instructor shown a lot of experience in the Data Recovery World. He also answered all questions, specially during laboratory sessions, and checked step by step the development of each lab. Additionally, attention was excellent from the staff of PC Warehouse. Really, Good Training, Good Attention and Good Installations. In summary, it is a training I recommend and should be taken by anyone related to the Data Recovery World. Alberto Fischel, Caracas, Venezuela and Panama City, Panama

  • A Google User (Google)

    I brought a HDD that had no power to PC Warehouse. At first I had no faith in the drive and that alll the data was gone. However, the data recovery technician there diagnosed it for me and after a few days I had my answer. He could recover all of my data and at a very, very fair rate. I was very impressed with the experience and turn around time for the recovery. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their data recovered!!!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    I highly recommend PC Warehouse and James for any data recovery service. I spilled water on my laptop and it damaged my drive physically. James was able to fully recover all my data and provide me some relief. Highly recommended!!!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    Great service!. Very knowledgable people/technicians. Computer store is very complete. Nice Tai restaurant next door. In the 4 days I was there I just saw happy customers leave with their computers fixed :)

  • A Google User (Google)

    Attended data recovery training. James is definetely one of a handful of data recovery gurus in the US. His depth of knowledge is incredible and I learned a lot from his experience. He has very good disposition to teach and help. His store has some unique computer accesories and components that may not be found elsewhere. I highly recommend him.

  • Bob Drake (Yahoo)

    Rich Pezzullo from Netcentric Computer Solutions insisted I bring in my computer to have data recovered from a failed hard drive. PC Warehouse was prompt, reasonably priced and totally professional. I've been to PC Warehouse many times before to purchase computer parts, but I didn't know how skillful they were at recovering data from a crashed hard drive. Thanks to Rich Pezzullo for turning me on to data recovery services at PC Warehouse. Thanks PC Warehouse for doing a great job. It's nice to see a family owned business that prides itself on "service". Bob Drake Performance Screen Supply Manalapan, NJ

  • A Google User (Google)

    Very professional data recovery!I took my hard drive to at least five places in LA and Chicago. No one found the problem and was able to fix it. But pc warehouse did, and charged me reasonably. I really appreciate it and highly recommend!

  • A Google User (Google)

    TOP EXPERTS IN DATA RECOVERY. I went to PC Warehouse for data recovery training. Not only was I trained on the tools I purchased, I was also shown techniques, tricks & tips that only a TRUE DATA RECOVERY MASTER can offer. I have taken another data recovery course (from a guy claiming to be a well known "guru" in the field), but did not come close to providing the level of knowledge & "hands on" learning like this course has. I am convinced that with the training I received here, I will be successful in the data recovery field. If you are thinking about getting into the DR business, YOU NEED TO GO HERE!!! While training I also noticed that the repair technicians are not only great at what they do, they are very HONEST, pay attention to minor details, and wont stop until their work is DONE RIGHT! They also took extra time to answer customer questions & concerns no matter how long it took! (These are the things that customers do not notice, but as a computer store owner for over 10 years, it is nice to see that both the technicians and owners enjoy & take pride in their work).

  • A Google User (Google)

    I had lost all of my travel photos when my hard drive suddenly crashed last year. I went to several computer places, some said they couldnt retrieve anything and others were very very expensive. Then I went to PC Warehouse in Freehold, who managed to retrieve everything I needed and that at a good price and with good service. I highly recommend PC Warehouse!!!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    Attended 1 day training for data compass, james is very knowledge and I learned a lot, I am hoping I will come back later in the year for a 4 day training and additional hardware. I am so excited in this new venture. I highly recommend him

  • A Google User (Google)

    Excellent technicians. James is outstanding with data recovery. The best place to go to for data recovery and PC repairs and parts

  • Ruby T. (Yelp)

    Friendly service, most importantly honest people. Data recovery specialist is one of New Jersey's top specialist. When Geek squad or Tech support from other stores can't handle it, they sent me here. More reasonable than those other places too. Highly recommended. Don't let their sparse decor fool you. Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pc-warehouse-data-recovery-freehold

  • A Google User (Google)

    James is very knowledgeable with all Data recovery techniques. The training course is worth every penny.

  • Fran D. (Yelp)

    Peace of Mind !! Great price to retrieve my work/personal data off of an external hard drive. Price was fair and they even let me think about it to decide if it was fair. Then they showed me everything they retrieved. Nothing corrupted. Everything spared !! Even stuff I forgot about. Will definitely recommend. Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pc-warehouse-data-recovery-freehold