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Stephen Albertini
Stephen Albertini

Chris was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My computer kept on freezing. I came in here he had it fixed and under two hours. Thanks for the phenomenon service!!

marla dorn (Google)

First time using using this place and am totally satisfied.customer Service repair service , price and turnaround time is excellent!! Also very honest!! Highly recommended.

Angela Mezzacappa (Google)

I run a hotel and our computers crashed. The hard drive was basically fried. I am a recurring customer at PC Warehouse but never had a problem as severe as this current one. I brought the hard drive in and explained the mess I was in. The focus was on how important and upsetting my problem was to me. Taking all of this into consideration, within 24hrs all my data is back and ready to be loaded on the new computers. I cannot express the gratitude and relief I feel. You have a computer problem, no matter how small or how large, bring it here, they are exact, and their prices are more than fair. Angela Mezzacappa

Reeepicheep (Google)
Reeepicheep (Google)

Chris is fantastic to work with as he is incredibly patient, attentive, and skilled in PC assembly and he is also a wizard when it comes to cable management, an area the folks at Best Buy geek squad could use some improvement in. The initial build I had them do left a lot to be desired but Chris was able to clean up their messy cabling and deftly execute my vision for an all-RGB gaming PC build with total and absolute perfection. He has become my go-to guy and his skillset is a rare and beautiful thing to see. Highly recommend!

william t (Google)

I visited PC Warehouse over 12 years ago looking into data recovery. At that time they were polite and friendly. They answer my questions about the data recovery. Now, Apr 2, 2017, I had a hard disk failure. It would not start and I did not feel any vibration on the disk. So I brought it to them and they were able to retrieve the data off the bad disk. They were polite and helpful today as they were over 12 years ago. Thank you PC Warehouse