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spetragl (Google)

Top Notch Data Recovery Experts. My 10 year old Desktop hard drive failed to mount. The PC had been used to create years-worth of Microsoft Train Simulator 3D objects, Trains and scenery (specifically keyed for Windows XP) that would not work on Windows 8. PC Ware house recovered my OS and data with a "bit by bit" copy to a new Seagate Drive. All my programs, Registry settings and documents came back perfectly!!! Thank You so much!

Monica Sargent (Google)

PC Warehouse came through for my Company All Clean Building Services, during an urgent computer crash. They delivered exactly what was asked, on time and in a friendly manner. It is obvious that PC Warehouse believes in a strong customer service. I would recommend them to anyone, and will use them again!!

NJTownProductions (Google)

it went amazingly well, they were polite, fixed my issues and for an amazing price! Also quick as well!

william t (Google)

I visited PC Warehouse over 12 years ago looking into data recovery. At that time they were polite and friendly. They answer my questions about the data recovery. Now, Apr 2, 2017, I had a hard disk failure. It would not start and I did not feel any vibration on the disk. So I brought it to them and they were able to retrieve the data off the bad disk. They were polite and helpful today as they were over 12 years ago. Thank you PC Warehouse

Ronald Rubinstein

PC Warehouse in Freehold is the only place you should go to fix your computers. They fixed a 20 year old computer of mine, that had an invaluable program on it that isn't sold anymore and is important to my business. Most others would simply throw up their hands and be done.. these people got it fixed right. They have been my go to PC experts for more than 20 years. They are great to deal with, completely honest and very capable. YOU NEED TO GO HERE, THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTELY BEST!!!!!!