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Slow Computer Repair Service

Slow Computer Repair Service

Why trust PC Warehouse to service your computer?

We have over 2 decades of experience working with various systems from standard desktops and laptops to complex gaming systems and servers. The best part is that all of our repairs are done right here in New Jersey. Our workbenches are arranged in a way so they are visible from within the store while also maintaining the privacy of your data. No mysteries behind a closed door or curtain to worry about.

We know there is nothing more annoying than having to disconnect and bring a computer back because the problem wasn’t resolved. This is why we turn on your computer each time at drop-off and pick-up to understand the problem you are experiencing and to show you the problem has been corrected before you leave.

What causes a computer to perform slow?

There are numerous causes to slow computers from both the hardware and software side. A malware infection or even a failing hard drive can cause the computer to run slow. If your computer is running terribly slow or even a little slower then normal. Bring it in and not only will we identify the cause of the slow performance problem, we will fix it like new again!

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Slow computers can cost a lot of time and frustration. In the business world a slow computer can be hindering your employees job performance. A faster computer will allow for more work to get done in a shorter amount of time with reduced stress and less complaints.