DFL - DFL DRE-4X PCIE platform


DRE-4X full name Data Recovery Express-4X, a DFL PCIE platform recently launched its flagship data recovery equipment, which kind of hardware solid workmanship, circuitry, interface design rigorous, stable power supply, cooling and high efficiency. At the same board with 4 interface design, SATA interface and a native IDE interface containing three native, standards-based PCIE 4X, ordinary hard disk data copy speed up to 230M / S, SSDs up to 280M / S; reservations native IDE interface well supported old disk operations; and software for multi-threaded design to support simultaneous operation of multiple hard disks, greatly improving operational efficiency.

In the software features section contains DRE-4X for data recovery, mirroring DDP module, as well as a variety of Specialized tools, including Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu and other modules to support the market for all major hard drive manufacturers.

Also worth mentioning is the purchase method according to the needs of different users DFL also offers more choices. If you choose to purchase the full amount you can enjoy the maximum discount; if the user because of financial pressure or worry about business conditions, you can also choose to buy time recharge card payment + way to make a purchase. This means that users only need a thousand dollars down payment you can get a full set of data recovery equipment, the latter option to purchase the appropriate time card can be based on business conditions, there is no pressure for months. And the user in the cumulative recharge after a certain amount, you can get a full set of permanent version of data recovery equipment.

If you want to learn more about data recovery equipment DFL DRE-4X, the following ways to find us.
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DDP data recovery module function modules:

(A) an upper layer function
1. Support MBR / GPT / APM partition.
EXT4 / HFS + / HFSX / VMFS3 / VMFS4 / VMFS5 file system.
3. Support in accordance with the partition image, in accordance with the valid data mirroring.
4. Remove support NTFS formatted resume scanning.
5. Support NTFS compression / resolution of sparse files.
6. Support reverse sweep partition.
7. Support according to the type of recovery.
8. Support by file mirroring function.
9. Support multiple rounds mirroring.
10. Support for WD customization head more family.
11. Support sweep sector LBA skip function.
12. Support to activate / de-activate the MBR.

Common problem rehabilitation program :
Seagate CC32 / CC32 Busy Solutions
Seagate 11/12 capacity is 0 and BUSY
Seagate 11 / 12LED: 000000CC solve
希捷12代(DOS)read unrecoverable error
Seagate is ready after 12 generations BUSY
After 12 generations ago Seagate bad
Seagate F3 reconstruction compiler (ATA)
Seagate F3 decryption
Seagate F3 Reset SMART
Seagate F3 Qing NG table
Seagate Recovery compiler F3
Seagate F3 single LBA bad Add
Seagate F3-SMART error handling
Seagate F3-DOS table error handling
Seagate F3-SYS module reset
Seagate F3-SIM1009 bug fixes
Seagate F3-MCMT error handling
Seagate ST7-10 read module
APP and ATA Seagate Backup ST7-10
Seagate ST7-10 load APP and ATA
Seagate ST7-10 decryption
Seagate ST7-10 read FLASHROM
Seagate ST10 CE_LOG bug fixes
Western Digital NHPA
Western Digital decryption
Western Digital initialization slow
Western Digital custom work head
Western Digital Load LDR
Western Digital cleared SMART data
Samsung unlock "LED 1AXX" error
Samsung's turn to stop solutions
Samsung decryption
Samsung SMART clear data
Universal Encryption
General decryption
Toshiba View G table
Toshiba Qing G
Toshiba virtual translator
ARM Series drives support Hitachi separately
Hitachi Virtual Compiler
Fujitsu MHY series split support
Samsung separately Support


WD module features:
The main functions are as follows:
1, ATA command: soft reset, hard reset, seek, start the motor, the motor is stopped, forcibly loaded, power reset.
2, logic scan bad sectors to join G table, P table.
3, the password to view the password cleared.
4, ROM, ROM modules read and write.
5, head map modification, the head shield, TPI, CAP, DCM, mass-editing. Head adaptation parameter view changes, Dan shield.
6, firmware DIR originating address modification.
7, file read and write firmware, firmware track read and write, read and write firmware zone, firmware editing, ROM module view and edit, RAM file viewing editing, formatting firmware zone.
8, ARCO calibration, will increase the success rate of WD self-calibration to about 70%
9, ROM-depth detection, can detect the contents of the ROM is correct and complete, this feature does not detect the ROM module, but only to detect the main ROM.
10, generating L and ROYL series ROM, generate 02,03, ATA modules.
11, firmware structure detection.
12, remove translator, translator reconstruction.
13, reducing the capacity to be cut (NHPA)
14, reducing the reset SMART.
15, Model No., SN number, capacity, etc., to modify the drive parameters function.
16, WD initialize the common problem of slow repair.
17, manually send ATA commands.
18, CHS and LBA conversion.
19, module directory editing functions
20, G, P table view, empty. P table editing features. P generated table.
21, bad sectors scan function.
22, the track switch modules, turn the track function.
23, on the PCB for the calibration support 18XX disc. 18xx unlock ..
24, load 13,5C module function, the perfect solution LDR 1698 and the new disc loaded question.
25, load module directory to the hard disk buffer.
26, a single-step calibration PST.
27, the module to create, delete.
28, to generate the original disk calibration process script.
29, to generate the original disk ARCO process.
30, T table view, generate. SA Table View, Empty.
31, F table view, the defect log viewing.
33, support for DF, 4F, 30, B1 line to run the process.
34, a key firmware initialization function.
35, a key custom ARCO process.
36, calibration script editor.
37, view TPI, View CAP, check capacity density information, view the 6A6B 69 logs.
38, containing G table format, containing P table format, containing GP table formatting, excluding GP table formatting.

ST module features:
The main functions are as follows:
1, hard and soft reset, the motor start and stop other common ATA commands.
2, the servo test batch file execution, servo diagnostic tests, and other commonly used test test abnormalities.
After the front 3,11,12-generation disc bad, when you are ready busy, CC31 / CC32 long busy, DOS table errors, the capacity is 0, F3-sim1009 error, F3-MCMT error, F3-SMART error, and other common problem repaired.
4, F3 Series Universal encryption and decryption.
5, NHPA.
6, sector data is read, edit (ATA, COM dual port).
7, ROM reader, adaptation. ROM module reads.
8, the firmware module to read and write, read and write firmware tracks, CP file read and write, read and write firmware zone.
9, the module view, testing, modification.
10. Clear G table, User SLIP defect table.
11, the custom command format.
12, SMART reset and view.
13 tracks SLIP user table, a reserved area track SLIP table, ALT table, servo defect list, the user P table, table servo P, G table, NG table and other defects table view, NG table cleared.
14, reconstruction translator, translator reconstruction (for NG table before clearing can not handle after bad) automatically scans after bad.
15, from the COM port backup, write 2B, 03,35 and other important modules.
16, read adaptation parameter view, edit.
17, control adaptation parameters to view, edit.
18, servo adaptation parameter view, edit.
19, SYS module file read and write disk F3 COM port and SATA ports under edit. SYS file scanning.
20, F3 plate P table editor.
21, F3 disc through the brush firmware functions.
22, F3 disk scanning Bad Sectors plus table function.
24, custom offline command.
25, Dan repair.
26, adjust the head flying height test.
27, the head correction.
28, it is important to read the test data module.
29, through the brush firmware extracted as LOD function.
30, F3 disk sector is clear, bad sectors color removal, etc.
7200.7-7200.10 family of
1, hard and soft reset, the motor start and stop other common ATA commands.
2, custom commonly used commands and batch execution.
3, ROM reader.
4, APP, CERT, CERT TABLE, ATA, VEN and other firmware read and write.
5, class F boot.

HT module features:
Mainly includes:
1, read and write firmware, ROM read;
2, NVRAM read and write, edit, reconstruction;
3. Check P table, view table G, G P turn table, emptied G form;
4, view the SMART table, reset SMART;
5, before bad common problem after a good repair, format, logic scan;
6, decryption, ID edit, sector editing functions.

Samsung module features:
Key features include:
common features: the logic scan, ID edit, NHPA, ATA commands, Samsung unlock, unlock common, COM sends a reset command
ROM Operation: ROM reader, BURN resources to write, ROM information extraction
Firmware Action: firmware module to read and write, module to view, edit module, the module detects, tracks literacy, RAM edit, track edit
Defect Management: View P table, view G table, SMART view, SMART reset, erasing A table
Common problem (((Remedy))): clear LED error
Format: Full format, regional format, the data area formatting.

TOSHIBA_FUJITSU module features:
The main function:
Read and write firmware, firmware view and edit, ROM read, ID editor, RAM read, LBA turn CHS, beheaded, cut segments, encryption lifted, heads read and write tests, view the P table, view G table, emptied G table view SMART Table, reset SMART, virtual compilers, logic scan, formatted, sector editing functions.