SalvationDATA - HD Platter Exchanger


Hard drive motor failure is normally caused by sudden power surge or accidental dropping. When it comes across this problem, the solution is to swap the platters into a working drive and get the drive repaired before data retrieval. SalvationDATA Platter Exchanger tool is specifically used for removing platters from spacer hard drives when transplanting to donor.

Processing platter swap is the hardest level in whole data recovery procedures, once you are capable of handling this level , people will start calling you "guru". It brings not only the highest honor to you out of this field but also the leadership in this industry. The most significant benefit is to bring your company more business.


Properly handles physical damaged spacer drive with motor seized
Support all spacer hard drives for platter swap
Simple & Portable
Easy to operate, user friendly
Cost effective
World's first platter swap tool for spacer drives