SalvationDATA - File Extractor


File Extractor is a newly released professional data recovery tool from SalvationDATA, which contains several remarkably advanced data recovery technologies. It can be applied all ATA/SATA hard drives in 3.5", 2.5" and 1.8" (the original interface is 3.5" ATA, need compatible adaptors for others' interface) with unstable heads, clicking noise and severe bad sectors to make sure the maximum recovery of data. Meanwhile, this new tool can run well under WINDOWS 2000/2003/XP/VISTA/07(32 Bit) and FAT,NTFS, HFS,HFS+, EXT2,EXT3. With this tool, it will be easy to highly increase both the working capability and data recovery success rate.


Compared with other data recovery tools, File Extractor data recovery tool possesses the following highlights:

1. Convenient Portability and mobility
Compact and USB interface design ensure you easy perform in any working environment. The increasing possibilities of data loss cause people many troubles to their work and life due to the leakage of sensitive data. The portability of file extractor allows you to change the traditional working model—waiting for customer, but to provider in-house data recovery service to make sure 100% sensitive data protection.

2. Several advanced technology built-in
File Extractor data recovery tool contains several remarkable professional data recovery technology, among which the intelligent bad sector read/leap function, ShadowDisk technology, HEPSS, sector hide, disk image technique, specific data extraction, source drive write protection, automatic data copy, etc are all the crucial weapons for professional data recovery service provider to increase the data extraction success rate and working efficiency.

3. Real-time hard disk diagnosis and working status monitor
File Extractor data recovery tool perfectly integrate the drive diagnosis techniques into its controlling panel. Drive malfunctions and power supply problems can be easily figured out in the first time according to corresponding figures and charts.

4. Comprehensive solution for both physical data recovery and logical data recovery
Except the powerful handling for physical malfunctions, File Extractor data recovery tool also provider solution to logical data recovery. With the built-in data recovery software, File Extractor data recovery tool allows you to perform logical data recovery work without using other data recovery software tools.

5. Unique Disk Image and data extraction Technique
With File Extractor data recovery tool, all the sectors have been physically imaged from the defective drive to a functional drive at the same time as the sectors are being requested automatically. You can finish data extraction directly from specific imaged files. That means "simultaneous imaging and recovering". With this unique function, you don't need to spend lots of time to create an image, but actually you are working on an image.

6. Superior RAW recovery method
It is very remarkably advantageous and competitive if your data recovery tools can allow you to find out the required necessary data by searching with the file name or file type in LBA model, and finally recover them. This method is very significant in the condition when some important bad sectors have been damaged and the data structure can’t be access.

7. The most cost-effective solution among all data recovery tool to save cost
File Extractor data recovery tool adopts our persistent data recovery tools’ design conceptions of simplicity and user-friendly making the whole data recovery process convenient and efficient. Especially, the moderate price will directly cut down your budget and help you successfully start data recovery business.

8. Perfect after-sale service
Excellent and professional after-sale service team will be available to answer all your questions and solve your problems regarding our data recovery tools and service. Real time on–line technical support guarantee you master File Extractor data recovery tool well and properly apply it in your data recovery work. Lifetime free software updates ensure you keep up with the cutting edge data recovery technology and never worry about the obsolete of all your data recovery tools.