DFL - DFL-Data Dr.Pro


A, DFL-DDP Data Doctor data recovery equipment is what?

DFL-DDP Chinese name: "Data Doctor", the English name: DFL-Data Dr.Pro, is a new generation of magnetic Dynamic Electronics Co., Ltd. high-speed disk damage data recovery equipment, to support the common market a full range of hard drives. Dr. DFL-DDP data support WIN7 32 / 64bit and above systems ( XP and earlier systems are not supported ).

Two, DFL-DDP Data Doctor data recovery device which features?
Among the many bad sectors data recovery device, compared with other similar products, DFL-DDP has the following characteristics:
1. Portable: compact box design, and easy to carry, install and use.
2, stability: stable embedded error correction designed to compensate instability USB port to bring the matter sorted out to make it comparable to bring stability PCIE's.
3, high-speed: high-speed USB3.0 interface design, so that the data copy speeds of up to an unprecedented high-speed experience. Speeds up to 180 M B / S steady speed, the speed limit when mirrored SSDs exceeds 230 M B / S above .
DFL-DDP file system with support for more copies faster, copy stronger, more stable high-speed performance characteristics , making it welcomed by the majority of workers in data recovery and data recovery equipment favorite.


(A) an upper layer function

1. Support MBR / GPT / APM partition.
2. Support FAT32 / NTFS / EXFAT / EXT2 / EXT3 /
EXT4 / HFS + / HFSX / VMFS3 / VMFS4 / VMFS5 file system.
3. Support in accordance with the partition image, in accordance with the valid data mirroring.
4. Remove support NTFS formatted resume scanning.
5. Support NTFS compression / resolution of sparse files.
6. Support reverse sweep partition.
7. Support according to the type of recovery.
8. Support by file mirroring function.
9. Support multiple rounds mirroring.
10. Support for WD customization head more family.
11. Support sweep sector LBA skip function.
12. Support to activate / de-activate the MBR.

(B) copy speed test:
Hard disk parameters Model WDC WD1002FAEX SN: WD-WCATR7167487 Capacity: 1T
Device Name DFL-DDP PC3000 UDMA Winhex 16.0
Test speed 10G / min 2G / min 5.7G / min

(C) a copy of the effect of bad sectors: DFL-DDP for some hard disk built solutions, when the following two conditions, the effect will be far higher than the PC3000 UDMA copy 1.ST most new hard drive, encountered bad sectors , PC3KUDMA will not be read, a "black run" phenomenon. 2. Samsung's part of the hard disk appears in the status register 2.4.5 lights, PC3KUDMA not be able to read the data. It has been in a wait state. Three, DFL-DDP Data Doctor data recovery device which provides a solution?


Seagate CC32 / CC32 Busy Solutions
Seagate 11/12 capacity is 0 and BUSY
Seagate 11 / 12LED: 000000CC solve
Seagate 12 generations (DOS) read unrecoverable error
Seagate is ready after 12 generations BUSY
After 12 generations ago Seagate bad
Seagate F3 reconstruction compiler (ATA)
Seagate F3 decryption
Seagate F3 Reset SMART
Seagate F3 Qing NG table
Seagate Recovery compiler F3
Seagate F3 single LBA bad Add
Seagate F3-SMART error handling
Seagate F3-DOS table error handling
Seagate F3-SYS module reset
Seagate F3-SIM1009 bug fixes
Seagate F3-MCMT error handling
Seagate ST7-10 read module
APP and ATA Seagate Backup ST7-10
Seagate ST7-10 load APP and ATA
Seagate ST7-10 decryption
Seagate ST7-10 read FLASHROM
Seagate ST10 CE_LOG bug fixes
Western Digital NHPA
Western Digital decryption
Western Digital initialization slow
Western Digital custom work head
Western Digital Load LDR
Western Digital cleared SMART data
Samsung unlock "LED 1AXX" error
Samsung's turn to stop solutions
Samsung decryption
Samsung SMART clear data
Universal Encryption
General decryption
Toshiba View G table
Toshiba Qing G
Toshiba virtual translator
ARM Series drives support Hitachi separately
Hitachi Virtual Compiler
Fujitsu MHY series split support
Samsung separately Support