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Computer Service

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Please remove any USB adapters:

Trouble printing?

Don't forget to bring your printer with its cables.
Hint: Use your keyboard [TAB] key or [SHIFT]+[TAB] keys to switch between text boxes.

Please bring the power cord with your All-In-One Computer.

Standard 3 pin power cords without the transformer box are not needed.

** For security reasons, if you have an account with us, this password will not be stored on your account.

How do I find the operating system? (Right click "My Computer" then click "Properties". Properties will show you the Windows Version. For Apple, click the Apple logo in the top left. Then click "About This Mac". You will find the varsion of Apple Macintosh here.)
Does your computer have RAID configured?
(Please choose the one that closely matches your computer symptoms)

** Please note that any information we collect, including Name, Address, Phone, E-Mail, Passwords and other information you provide us is strictly for the purpose of servicing your equipment as requested. If you create an account with us by typing a password in the blue password box, That password will be encrypted and your computer login password if provided will not be stored under your account for security reasons. This information will not be sold or distributed to 3rd parties. You will receive one E-Mail from us with the case number for your records.